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In this section, I will list some of the common questions asked and provide a brief answer. 
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F A Q - 1

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How do I make an appointment to see you?

You need to be referred by your General Practitioner (GP) for an appointment. You will not be able to seek direct appointment even if you are insured. In addition, insured patients also need to contact their insurers for authorisation for the consultation. Self pay patients need to obtain a letter of referral from their GP. NHS patients can be seen via choose & book system.  Booking via this system for Torbay Hospital will allow you to come to any shoulder clinic but at the private hospital generally you will be able to choose your consultant clinic.

What do I do before the operation?

Most of the shoulder operations are now done as ‘day-case’ procedure. Therefore make sure that you have someone to collect you from the hospital after the operation. Arrange everything at home and keep objects such that you can reach them with your other arm. Prepare and stock food. Do your shopping. Make sure that there is going to be someone at home to look after you. See pre-operative phase for more details.  

What can I do after the operation?

The things that should run through you mind should be wound care, sling care, rehab and physiotherapy and follow up. In addition, if you require sick note please ask before you leave the hospital. More details are available in post-operative phase.

When can I drive?

Number of factors determine when you can drive. This includes which shoulder was operated, what type of car you drive including the power steering or automatic and more importantly what operation was performed. There is no doubt that your reaction time will decrease after an operation. I can tell you how long you need to protect your arm but the final responsibility is in your hands as only you can determine when you are safe behind wheels.

Do cartilage supplement tablets work in arthritis?

Two of the building blocks for the cartilage are glucosamine and Chondroitin sulphate. Due to our refined food habits it is possible that there may be paucity of these essential building blocks in our usual diet. These supplements can be best considered as food supplements. There are some weak evidence to support their use for arthritis. See my leaflet regarding the latest evidence.

What are your results?

Having performed more than 1400 shoulder surgeries my results are comparable or better than what is in the published literature. I am compiling a list of operation and my specific complication rates and these will be available soon.