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ASD treatment steps
Picture Story
Normal shoulder joint. Green colour indicate ligaments - Coraco-acromial ligament and ligaments of the AC joint. Brown structure is muscle-tendon unit. On the top is supraspinatus and the one in the front is subscapularis. Long head of biceps is the yellow rope like structure in between the top and the front tendon.
Hook from acromion pressing on the supraspinatus tendon. Sometimes hooks and osteophytes arise from AC joint as well. On other occasions, the ligament could simply become taut and press on the tendon in certain arm positions. Repeated friction can lead to tear in the muscle-tendon complex.
Hook and the ligament released enlarging the space and relieving the pressure on the top tendon. As one can see, the AC joint has also been cleared to decrease pain from this area.
View from Front
View from side