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Rangaraju Ramesh
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During the training years and subsequently after my appointment as a consultant, I have performed well over 5000 operations. In the training years, apart from management of acute and chronic consequences of fractures, the focus was on general orthopaedic surgery including hip and knee replacement and general arthroscopic surgery. When I started performing arthroscopic shoulder surgery in 1998, we were using basic instruments with minimal specialist instruments. For  example, electorcautery device that works ‘under water’ was not routinely available. Now, releasing the ligaments during decompression or scar tissue release in a frozen shoulder is routinely done with this device. For seeing the device in action, watch the video of decompression.
By the end of 2012, I have performed over 1,500 arthroscopies of the shoulder.  With advancement in the arthroscopic instruments and improvements in the techniques, many of the operations which were done as open surgery are now done by minimally invasive surgical technique. In fact, some of the surgeries are technically easier to perform by key-hole rather than as open  surgery. A good example is repair of SLAP (Superior Labrum Anterior-Posterior) lesion which is repair of detachment of biceps tendon insertion inside the shoulder joint which can done much more easily by  utilising arthroscopic techniques.
Although I have sub-speciality  interest in shoulder and upper limb problems, I still routinely take part in general trauma on-call work and continue to manage patients with fractures in different parts of the body like hip fractures, ankle fractures etc.
Arthroscopic subacromial decompression (ASD)  with or without distal clavicle excision (DCE) > 1200 operations
Arthroscopic rotator cuff repairs (ARCR) > 120
Arthroscopic stabilisation and labral repair > 90
Arthroscopic frozen shoulder release (AFSR) > 80
Open stabilisation of shoulder > 50
Open rotator cuff repair > 80
Shoulder replacements (surface replacement, hemiarthroplasties, total shoulder replacement) > 110
Reverse shoulder replacement = 6 in the last 2 year
Shoulder fracture fixation (plates/screws, IM nail) > 90
Clavicle fracture fixation > 35
Arthroscopy of knee > 400
Total Hip  and knee replacement, hemiarthroplasties of hip/hip fracture fixations > 800

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