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This website is under development - The information contained on this site is for guidance only and is not intended for self diagnosis or self treatment. This will not replace professional medical advice or consultation. Always seek the professional advice of a qualified health care professional.   
Pre Op Check list - patient    Preparing for Surgery
Generally, non-operative treatment methods like physiotherapy, injections or tables are tried first but in some cases, if it is perceived that the delay in proceeding with surgery will result in poorer outcome surgery may be offered first. For example, surgery if offered in acute tear of the rotator cuff tendon as the 1st choice whereas it is not in chronic tear.

As each individual case is different, one decision does not fit all and therefore treatment will be individualised. When surgery is offered, risk and benefit, its impact on your day to day activities and work life including the ability to drive will be discussed. In a similar fashion each individual circumstances is different and therefore, general advice is given here. If you require anything that is not covered here, please do not hesitate to ask me.

Many types of shoulder surgery will limit what you can do in the initial stages. During this healing phase the structures repaired need to be protected. It is highly likely that your arm needs to be placed in a sling for a few weeks and therefore many of the activities of daily living may be challenging. You may not be able to lift arm above a certain level, drive or or carry heavy objects.  
Make sure that your make arrangements to cope with this limitations after the operation. It is a good idea to stock up food and your friends/family will need to assist you. If you are living alone and do not have any one to help, please make us aware so that we can assist you. Your GP may be able to offer advice and assistance in regard to home help on short term basis.

Please let us know if you need medical certificate for work. Generally speaking you do not need to inform DVLA or your insurance for any “illness” that is likely to be temporary and last less than 3 months.
Pre-Op Check List