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Ultrasound scan of shoulder is a safe and effective diagnostic tool in the hands of a skilled operator. It can provide number of clues which will allow me to complete the jig-saw puzzle and arrive at the diagnosis.

I have undergone training additionally and can operate ultrasound scan machine to aid my diagnose musculoskeletal  pathologies. I have performed well over 500 ultrasound scans of shoulder in clinic setting.

Ultrasound scanner uses high frequency sound waves and uses the principle of SONAR used by submarines and are used in the natural world by bats to finds it way in the dark. High frequency sound waves are passed across tissues and when it hits a solid object like bone, these waves are reflected back as echo which is picked up by the probe. Depending on the density of the tissue different levels of sound waves are reflected and this gives different intensity in the ‘shadows’ seen in the screen.
An ultrasound scan can, one can diagnose damage to the tendons, fluid collections in and around shoulder and evidence of impingement of the tendons.

Ultrasound can be done in the clinic setting and in fact it is quite convenient to do it at the time of the physical examination. It will take few extra minutes to complete the test as one is already undressed during the examination. The accuracy of the diagnosis is nearly 95%.Thus it provides an opportunity to run an on-stop shoulder clinic arriving at diagnosis and treatment plan and my patients receive an accurate diagnosis straight away rather than having to wait several weeks for an appointment from radiology department.

Portable ultrasound scanner is available in one of the clinics I practice (at Torbay Hospital) and I routinely use it to aid arriving at the diagnosis.